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Ruby's Memorial
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Donations were made in Ruby's memory by Doctor's, Staff, and Student's at the WSU Teaching Hospital and Conrad K.. Her memorial was created on 7/23/2014.

We were not looking for Ruby when we traveled to the tiny shelter in Forks, Washington, to adopt the puppy there we had learned about; instead, Ruby found us. Lying motionless at the back of her crate, Ruby was a very scrawny, sickly puppy with a prognosis from the shelter of being unlikely to survive life for much longer. But no Dog should pass while awaiting her or his forever home. And thus Ruby was waiting for us, and she roused herself and came forward, and we knew immediately she belonged with us. We took her home with us, together with our new sweet little boy we named Jack. On the long drive back home, Ruby took over the back seat of the car as she stretched the length of the bench and fell peacefully asleep. The minute Ruby walked into our house she knew she was home, and we knew it was our privilege to have her with us.

Once home, we promptly took Ruby to see our most wonderful Vet Extraordinaire, Dr. Donald Kelts, (WSU Vet College graduate, 1972), who assured us that with his care, Ruby would live, and live she did. Then, to stabilize Ruby’s obviously compromised immune system, we brought her to the expert specialist in animal dermatology, Dr. David Duclos (yet another WSU Vet College graduate), who thenceforth provided Ruby with her life-long treatment and support for her persistent fight with a number of immunological disorders.

In a short time a healthy Ruby grew into the most “beautiful blonde” Dog you ever saw. She was quite the unique sight when spotted amongst her other companions, the bevy of various rescued German Shepherds, big and small, and of all shapes and colors, that have been the mainstay of our household through the years. Ruby quickly became a devoted, loving, strong-willed, but respectful member of our family, as though it was always her destiny. Dear Girl, in her last couple of years the onslaught of her immunological disorders again took their toll and returned an unerasable scruffiness to her appearance akin to her earliest days; although her sweet, courageous spirit, even through the last few difficult months of her life, was never dimmed.

Although our incomparable Ruby has gone on to her next adventure, she has left an indelible and permanent impression on our hearts and in our home. “Home” is never the same when one of our companions leaves us, and this is especially true with our Ruby – we still look in vain every day to see her basking in the sun or lounging as she did in a private corner. No one could love Ruby more than we do, and certainly no Dog could love us any more than our Ruby loved us. How LUCKY we are to have had “The Boobster” in our lives! Be at peace now, Dear Girl, and go with all our love for you always. Your loving family, Holly and Mike, and all the dogs and cats.

Mike & Holly A. and family

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