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Hurley's Memorial
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Hurley's memorial was created on 5/7/2013.
Thank you for the opportunity to tell Hurley's story. We became his third family on March 22nd of 2010. We never understood why anybody ever gave him up. He was the best cuddler and sweetest boy you could imagine. This picture shows him sitting on the couch, but his favorite thing was to sit on anybody's lap who sat down. We would jokingly make the warning alarm sounds like a commercial truck in reverse. He loved children. Our nieces would play, run and scream around him and he would just watch and perk up his ears. They would lay on his dog bed with him and he would happily share just to be touched and loved. He loved the dog park. He got so used to the attention from everyone there that he would burst through the gates with an air of confidence as if to ask the question, "who wants me first?" Small dogs with big attitudes would bark after him and he would take off scared. He had no clue he was so big. He weighed 180 pounds, but had the mentality of a toy breed. I didn't want to over-do it with pictures, but we have a photograph of him on the floor next to his giant dog bed with our kitty on the bed instead. He was so yielding and cooperative. He is the first dog I ever met with a sense of humor. He could make me laugh at just the right times. Once I was play scolding him for something by shaking my finger in his face and he playfully grabbed my finger in his jowls. He would then bury his face in my chest like he was trying to make up with me. We miss him ever so much. We struggled with that final decision, however our vet discovered a mass that was fixed to the bone after he was gone, assuring us there were other problems to come. He struggled with routine seizures and just wound down this past January. It is never easy to say goodbye, but I know we gave him the best years of his life. It is hardest walking through the neighborhood without him. I see the disappointment in all his admirers when they see me without him. His passing broke hearts throughout our family and neighborhood. I hope he is frolicking with our other Great Dane and two Rottweilers, sharing memories and talking about how good they had it at the Blodgett house.

Heidi B.

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