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Meishu's Memorial
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A donation was made in Meishu's memory by Doctors and Staff of Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 11/7/2012.
Meishu the pug was our first family dog. She was orphaned my her mom who died giving birth. He was nursed by a Chihuahua, until we brought her and her chihuahua sister Zoe home in 2004.

In 2005 we found out Meishu had Addison's disease. It's much like the human form of the disease. The first vet we took her to told us that we should just put her down. But we couldn't do that without a second opinion, so we took her to Twin Lakes Vet in federal way. They brought her back to healthy and prescribed her a monthly regimine of shots and prednisone.

She was a happy girl, that loved to get attention. She loved to ride around in a wagon whenever her human sister would pull her around. Her human brothers and her even made it onto a Jones Soda bottle in 2005! Meishu also liked to head bump and snort, and loved her tummy scratched. She was a smart girl too! When her favorite treat, dried chicken came out, she would do tricks like, roll over, put her head down, and even dance like a ballarina (in her slender years).

She was a beautiful pug and will always be remembered and loved.

Daniel And Teresa W.

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