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Jewel's Memorial
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A donation was made in Jewel's memory by Susan B.. Her memorial was created on 12/4/2012.
We bought Jewel, a Miniature Horse, as a yearling several years ago. She was going to be a pal for Brienne's Arabian mare, who died only a few months after bringing Jewel home. She was the only horse for a while, until we decided to purchase Ed, a 15 year-old Quarter Horse. They became friends and, soon, just being unable to see each other would send either or both into whinnying loudly for the other. Ed in particular was quite protective of her. Even visits with the farrier would have him calling for her and upsetting the other horses in the neighborhood.

Jewel was a very curious horse, and very affectionate to people and other animals. A few of her favorite animals: our goats, Lily and William, and Jack the Husky (she licked his nose on at least one occasion), and, of course, Ed. If someone would walk up to her gate, she would promptly stick out her nose and wait for a kiss…or a treat. Whichever you were willing to give. The farrier would often oblige and give her a treat but, if he forgot, she would follow him to his truck to make sure he remembered. She had some interesting quirks, too. For one, if it was raining, she would often opt to stand out in the rain until she was soaking wet. And yet, she didn't like puddles. She was not fond of needles, either. This made it particularly difficult for administering routine shots!

She loved to spend time with us, especially if we were scratching her neck, right under her mane, or brushing her hair. While she was sick, she would stand beside us and rest her chin in our hands or on our lap. She just wanted to be near us.

We miss her so much, but we are so happy and thankful to have spent the last 10 years with her.

Brienne And Christina C.

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