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Shie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Shie's memory by Kelsey H.. Her memorial was created on 6/9/2013.
My Little Shie.

When Shie was born she was the one kitten i had to save the first time. Her mother(who i still have(her name is mouse)) was exhausted after giving birth to her kittens she was exhausted and she wound up forgetting about Shie. I wound up having to clear Shie's mouth of mucous and showed her to her mum. Mouse then took over and did a fine job taking care of her.

I had to give the kittens away when they were old enough as i already had two cats and three was just too many to keep. I then gave her away to a friend who desperately wanted a kitten. Thinking Shie was going to a good home, i didn't feel the need to check on her. I decided to go for a visit to my friends place only to find that she was starving Shie by not feeding her properly so in turn I took Shie back, thusly saving her a second time.

For the next six years Shie, Mouse and Mumphry became my best friends. They loved unconditionally and i love them right back.

A couple of months ago Shie became very ill with a uterus infection and i very sadly and with many tears lost, had to have her sent to kitty heaven.

I will never ever forget my little Shie. She was a talker and a very loving cat that affected my life in so many positive ways.

My Thanks go to the vet clinic that comforted me in my time of sorrow. Also a huge thank you to my wife and step son who stood by me and allowed a shoulder to lean on in time of sadness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all veterinarians out there who have such compassion for animals.

P.S. Shie is the one on the right in the photo. Mumphry is my big boy on the left

Christian V.

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