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Glyph's Memorial
Donate in Glyph's Name
A donation was made in Glyph's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Green Lake Animal Hospital. Her memorial was created on 7/18/2013.
We were so touched that our vet, Jeb Mortimer, gave a donation in our cat, Glyph's, name to your program.

A little bit about Glyph. She was a Bengal, and possessed all the qualities of the breed...she was quite the talker, and always talked back, especially to Michael. They had a very special bond. When we were given an 18 month prognosis, we chose to cherish everyday with her. But that cat...she gained weight, she got healthier, and she gave us almost 4 more years of love and affection. Saying goodbye to her was so hard, even knowing that we were saving her from pain and illness. I miss that loudmouth cat everyday!

Michael And Becci B.

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