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Mohawk's Memorial
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Mohawk's memorial was created on 11/7/2013.
Attached please find a photo of my beloved pet Mohawk. He was an awesome dog. Originally he was given to my ex husband at 8 weeks old but because my ex was a cross country trucker, I became the 'alpha dog' of the family. At 6 weeks old Mohawk house trained himself after seeing his first snowfall, never having accidents in the house until his senior years when his mobility began to decline. He survived an auto crash with me in 2009 developing arthritis in his hind quarters because of excessive bruising sustained in the accident. I chose to put him down to alleviate his pain and suffering, because he would struggle so hard to get outside and not be able to make it, You could see in his eyes that he was so sorry to make a mess on the floor. His being such a large dog I couldn't help him because of the injuries I sustained in the auto crash. He loved to play hide and seek and did so until the last year of his life when he could no longer run or jump. My solace is that he is no longer in pain.

Gayle L.

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