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Amber Noel

Amber Noel's Memorial
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A donation was made in Amber Noel's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Sunset Pet Hospital. Her memorial was created on 1/18/2013.

May 2006-January 5, 2013

I first saw Amber on Craigslist in November 2008. She had been rescued from a "shelter" closed by the State of New Mexico and was one of the last dogs pulled, literally.My understanding was that she came to this shelter when she was about six months old. Her foster mother, Joslyn, told me once she entered the wire enclosure she had to pull her out of the plywood covered hole she had been living in for nearly a year in this high desert environment. She had dug this hole to get respite from the heat, thunderstorms, and lightning. For a short time, I was told, she had a buddy but that dog was adopted. Amber was had a damaged ear from an infection which required surgery so, she wasn't perfect. This left Amber with little interaction from other animals or humans. She was provided food and water but, who knows how often?

I had read about this closure and thought I would love to adopt one of these dogs but I just couldn't afford it at the time. Well, six months later my life circumstances changed and I found myself looking for a companion animal. So, I was browsing through Craigslist and saw a picture of her and instantly thought, "That's my dog." I contacted Joslyn right away and heard back right away and we made arrangements to meet.

For me, it was love at first sight. For Amber, not so much but that would change. She was very frightened and cautious of strangers. Joslyn said she spent the first two weeks under her bed. I asked if I could take her for the weekend. If she met the conditions under which I could adopt (I lived in an apartment) that I would take her permanently. The first being, she couldn't eat my cat. The second, she had to be housebroken, and the third was that she could not have separation anxiety. Well, as you may have guessed-she passed with flying colors. I will point out there was one small problem-she did not like to ride in the car. She would sit in back, shaking, with copious amount of drool dripping out of her mouth-then she would shake her head. I went through a lot of paper towels at this time. But, I knew we could work on this, I just had to find the key. So, twice a day, everyday for three months we went to the Santa Fe dog park. And, after three months, the drooling stopped and the healing began.

During this time we met many wonderful people and their dogs and formed long lasting bonds with them. Amber didn't like toys to play with, she liked the company of her people and animal friends.

When she first got diagnosed I posted this information on facebook. A number of friends called and I would put them on speakerphone so they could talk to her. And she always perked up recognizing their voices. The details of her illness are not as important as the impact this gentle girl had on me and the people she came into contact with. There was sometihng diffetent about her and most people recognized it right away.

Amber taught me not only patience but what it was to love unconditionally. We both came to each other when we needed something...something we couldn't get anywhere else. She was my confidante, guardian, and personal trainer (although, to look at me you might not reach the same conclusion).

Since her passing friends and family have called, posted notes of sympathy on my facebook page, sent cards, flowers, and gifts to express their sympathy. I have read where, "Saving one dog might not make a difference in the world but, for that one dog it might make a world of difference." I would like to believe I made a difference in her short life. I know she did in mine. She was my heart and I am forever changed.

Amber, it was my privilege.

I would like to thank all of her animal and people friends for "getting it." And a special thanks to Dr. Schottman and the staff at the Sunset Pet Hospital for their knowledge, professionalism, and compassion. I could not have asked for more...

Finally, my deepest respect to all of you future veterinarians and folks who choose to work with is a noble profession. You can be proud!

Claudia S.

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