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Aspen's Memorial
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A donation was made in Aspen's memory by Doctors and Staff at North Pole Veterinary Hospital. His memorial was created on 11/27/2013.
We found him on our back porch inside a six foot chain link fence that was padlocked. We still do not know how he got there. I told my wife not to get attached. We did not have permission to have a dog there from the landlord. We tried to find his owner by posting an ad in the paper and putting signs up and posting a sign at the local animal shelter.

We ended up keeping him. The Vets at Quail Creek veterinary clinic in Oklahoma City examined him and said he appeared to be a mix between a Great Dane and a Pointer. This was evident in his Dane twisty and his penchant for chasing squirrels.

Early on he surprised us by chewing up a trailer. (He chewed all the wiring and the plastic down to the light bulbs.) That said he was a very good dog. He never messed in the house except once when we left him inside too long. He did tear up the occasional blind. We discovered this was when he was barking at people who came too close to the house.

We loved to take him with us when we could and loved riding in the car. He was our only dog for about 3 years. We then started to foster Great Danes. He had an unusual temperament and tolerated every dog we ever brought into our house. He was never aggressive or viscous. Our first foster was a female Harlequin who was bred and did not know how to act like a Dane.

Aspen loved her company and we watched him teach her how to be a dog instead of a breeding stock. She came out of her shell with him and followed him around our back yard and began acting like a dog. So we consider that he helped foster these dogs.

He was our constant companion and put up with a lot of other dogs who kicked him out of his bed, took his toys and hogged the attention of his human mom and dad. He endured all of this with a benevolence that seemed Christlike. I've never know a dog with a similar disposition. I don't expect to ever again.

He hated to have his nails done and I used to lay on top of him while my wife would do his nails. He stopped struggling in his later years. He just seemed to give up. He also had a very loud and piercing bark until his last few years when he lost his ability to bark very loud.

He was diagnosed with Cushings disease and began to have problems going to the bathroom. He would pace around outside trying to do his business. In the last few months of his life we had to resort to repeated enemas to give him relief. I laid on the floor with him near the end and tried to comfort him. I could see the misery in his face as he shook. I could tell he didn't understand why he was so miserable. I knew his condition would only get worse. I could not let him continue to suffer without reason.

Eddie & Sharon H.

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