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Josie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Josie's memory by Nancy W.. Her memorial was created on 3/2/2014.
Josie was a rescue kitten from the Skagit Valley Humane Society. When we arrived to look at cats, she was throwing herself against the bars of her cage, purring and meowing - "Take me home". We did, and had her 14 years, through three moves and finally to a house, where she could look out the window a the birdfeeder, and fight with the outside cats through the window. Josie loved typical cat things - sunshine, food, catnip. She also loved the plastic rings off of milk jugs, or any plastic thing that would skate around the floor. She loved Christmas, especially sleeping under the tree. When she ran around the house at night, she sounded like a little elephant. The last several months, her favorite thing was stretching out under a lamp on the arm of the couch. As long as someone was sitting there with her, she could spend hours basking like a lizard. The best thing about Josie was her purr - we joked that all we had to do was turn a key on her tummy which would start her engine. She purred all the time. It's the purring we will miss most.

Laura L.

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