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Tubman's Memorial
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A donation was made in Tubman's memory by Ana Petra C.. Her memorial was created on 1/7/2014.
I lost my best friend in the world on Thursday, January 2, 2014. It was far too soon for this magnificent being to leave her beautiful body. She was my teacher, my anchor, my joy, my heart, my rock, my truest love. She was and is largely responsible for the person I am today.
She taught me about true love – unconditional love. She taught me to pay attention to everything around me, large and small - the wind, a flower, a big noise, a gopher running in the field. She was a patient teacher as I was not always the most astute student. She gave me comfort when I was hurting, built me up when I felt down, and wiggled in happiness with me. We shared quiet moments and really good cheese, took many steps together on this earth, and shared the couch many a night cozying up with the family.
She taught me about joy – pure joy because she found it so easily in her life. She was happy with the simple things. Good food, a warm comfortable bed, good company, a nice walk. She was always up for a new adventure - always the first one in the truck, or car, or coach, or camper, or whatever – she was ready to explore the world with ease and excitement.
She expressed herself clearly with her big brown eyes, her limber ears, a tilt of her head, a little harrumph, the wag of her highly active tail – telling you exactly how it was and she was always right. She was intensely smart and had a vocabulary that rivaled many, forcing me to spell out words like “walk” first forwards, then backwards, then using other languages as she mastered all my tricks, and finally just giving in to her superior intelligence and going out on a walk: klaw, marche, gehen, paseo, andar, ga en tur and so on.
She was gracious, kind, welcoming, curious, and fiercely protective of those she loved. She lived her life with dignity and grace. She is a beautiful soul, a truly special being. I feel so fortunate to have known and loved her and to have been loved by her - an amazing gift. She will be deeply missed and never forgotten.
Safe travels my dear, precious Tubman.

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