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Callie's Memorial
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Donations were made in Callie's memory by Janet W. and Brian W.. Her memorial was created on 8/17/2014.
Callie was the last of our eight horses that were part of the family for over thirty years.

With our sons Brian and Travis and our smart and trusted equine friends we roamed the mountains of Montana, the beaches of Oregon, and countless trails throughout Washington State, saddlebags packed, ready for the great adventures waiting for us.

Living far into their twenties and even thirties, our buddies showed us much about the human/equine relationship. Teaching us what we didn't know, they all guided us safely through "iffy" situations. We, in turn, loved them beyond what words can express.

Callie was indeed fortunate to be helped by the incredible folks at WSU - more than 32 caregivers, docs, surgeons and students - each of whom we know will help so many other critters in need.

Our very best thanks to WSU.

Janet W.

Comments by: Jonathan P
We should all be so blessed to have such a noble companion in our lives. Thank you, beautiful Callie, for helping my friends to find their wings. "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". - Winnie the Pooh

Comments by: Brian W
I remember picking up Callie from Whidby Island when I was young. She was a tad abrasive when she first joined our other horses, but eventually she accepted her position within the herd. Callie then carried mom on all of our family horseback riding trips. She was a great horse and will be missed.

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