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Hobbes's Memorial
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A donation was made in Hobbes's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Morgan Veterinary Clinic. His memorial was created on 1/25/2013.
Hobbes was only 8 when he passed away from brain cancer, but his life with us was so full. From the moment he entered our lives at the age of 10 weeks to the day he slipped away, Hobbes was always on the main stage. His personality demanded it! He grew from sleeping in my husband Jan's baseball cap to a big boned puffball (maybe it was the Dungeness crab he so adored). No one, even avowed "dog people", could resist picking him up ("Bend your knees, he weighs 16 lbs."), petting him, or making room on the couch. Hobbes was a talker too, always willing to chat, but never failing to get in the last word. Hobbes grew up with his "brother" Calvin (solid black) and they were inseparable to the end. He was a true, true loving friend to everyone and everything (chickens and goat included). We miss him desperately, the house is so quiet. No more gently waking to the touch of his paw tapping my cheek... "Wake up, Mom. I need to tell you something."

Jan & Lorraine H.

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