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After we moved from our apartment which didn't allow pets and into our own place, I KNEW we needed a cat! Since I'm a cat-lover totally! We were able to pick up Mittens from the store (because the humane society had NO cats...go figure!!!) and she was the joy of my life. She, of course, was "Momma's girl"! Very spoiled and I'm proud of it! We had her for right around 16-17 years, so it was terrible having to put her to sleep. She had a mass in her abdomen and wasn't eating or drinking, so she was basically wasting away to skin and bones. We are honored to have had The Associated Vets make a donation in her honor, as they were there through her entire life. God Bless them and this site for helping us with our distraught with BOTH our cats. We have 2 at home right now and are a joy as well, with their own personalities making us laugh and love.

Rick And Elaine T.

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