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Spot's Memorial
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Spot's memorial was created on 5/2/2014.
I rescued Spot and his brother Ink from a car accident where their mother was hit by a car and had an explosive birth, there were 6 kittens just ready to be born and the car tore her open. I checked them all only my boys were the survivors. I raised them and still have Ink by my side, Spot became my best friend and the only time we were apart was when i was on deployment while in the Marines. He would follow me around everywhere, sit on command, chase sticks and paper balls, I can say on his resume that he has caught the red dot. He started to decline in health and we think he had a stroke of some sorts because he was always acting like he was lost. I miss him very much but I know he is in a better place, playing on the rainbow bridge hanging out with my father. I really appreciate the letter you wrote and I love the people at Caring Hands vet.
I have been with them since I moved to Montana. They are very caring and thoughtful.

Terry R.

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