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Jack's Memorial
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A donation was made in Jack's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic. His memorial was created on 1/13/2013.
We have been fostering now for almost 10 years. We have had several special needs dogs come and go over the years. Each one getting that forever home and happy ever after. We work with 2 rescues,S.P.O.T and Col.Potter Cairn Rescue.
Jack was a Cairn Terrier who came in very thin, with neurological issues and behavior issues.He was an owner surrender at 3 years of age. He was very vocal and had a quirky personality. We were able to get his weight up and get him stronger and stable.
Jack was adopted out, then later returned in worse shape then when he left us. we stepped up to foster him again and help get this poor boy healthy. It was a long road.
The wonderful Vets at CVVC had a tough case ahead of them.After many test, meds, hopes, trauma and set was discovered that Jack was suffering from Meningitis. either from birth or caused by a previous injury. so Jack was underwent chemo treatments and a long stretch of prednisone. We were all cheering for him as he improved and became more stable and well behaved.
Jack made all of us laugh.As we tappered him off the prednisone he did great, but once we got down to the lowest dose he started to relapse. the old quirks came back, the stumbling, the aggressive behavior. Finally he could not stand up. The long run on prednisone had also had its effects on him, he started to present for cushings ect..
We had had Jack with us a total of a year. He had become a part of our family. He had won the hearts of The vets and staff at CVVC. It was a sad day when we had to make the decision to let him go. He had fought so hard to get healthy, but he had also lived the most wonderful life he had ever known with his foster family and friends.
Jack taught alot of people alot of things. He had taught the Vets and rescue group more about Meningitis. He Taught Us about patience and not giving up. He taught some about not judging a dog by his bark.Mostly he taught all of us about love and how far we will go to help another.
Jack We sure miss your loud way of greeting the day and guest, we miss you swagger as you walk, we miss your appetite and we definetly miss all the love you gave us.
This journey has confirmed for me , why i love working in rescue so much. there are highs and lows, happy endings and sad endings, but mostly alot of love for and from the ones you help.
Thank you Col.Potter Cairn rescue and Chuckanut valley veterinary clinic for being there every step of the way with us.
We miss you Jacky, run free and pain free. we will see you one day.

Kate & John S.

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