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Rocky's Memorial
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A donation was made in Rocky's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Associated Veterinary Services. His memorial was created on 4/3/2013.
I have attached a picture of our beloved dog Rocky who we lost on 12/26/12. Drs. Newman and Bares at Associated Veterinary Services made a monetary donation to the Pet Memorial Program at Washington State University in his honor. The care they provided for Rocky was exemplary, as was the compassion they extended to our family when he passed on.

Rocky was a true German Shepherd. His mother came from East Berlin and his father from West Berlin. We adopted him when he was about a year old. The family that had been selling registered German Shepherd pups went through a divorce and the lady left the state with the two adult shepherds leaving three puppies on the street. Two were victims of traffic accidents and the third was taken to East Main Veterinary in Miles City for adoption. Dr. Lindley contacted me about this “gorgeous" shepherd and the rest is history. We adopted Rocky and he became a true member of our family. When we moved from Miles City to Great Falls almost eleven years ago, the adjustment was initially tough for Rocky; however, he quickly acclimated and even had his own personal bedroom with a double bed. Our sons often referred to Rocky as the favorite son of the family. I would agree by saying that he never asked to borrow money, use the vehicles and was always glad to see Vicky and me every day, projecting unconditional love and loyalty; which none of them could claim. On two separate occasions, Rocky saved lives. One was a teen aged girl who was unconscious with a drug overdose. He and I were out for an early morning walk and he insisted on leading me into this field with tall grass and weeds where he found the girl in distress. Authorities were contacted and she recovered. The second was an elderly woman who was visiting relatives in Great Falls. She was at their home alone one cold winter night. She got up during the night and mistakenly wandered outside in her night gown. The door locked and she could not re-enter the house. We were leaving on an early morning walk and Rocky apparently could hear her cries for help, despite the wind. He led me to the house where we found her huddled by a garage door hypothermic. She too survived; thanks to Rocky!

He was a "card carrying" member of our family who will never be forgotten nor replaced. In his fourteen years of life he touched more people in a positive way with his loving personality then many people ever do in their lives. We miss him.

Fred and Vicky A.

Comments by: Heather H
I will remember your Rocky stories, always. He was and will continue to be a huge part of you and Vicki's lives. I am sorry for your loss but am happy for all of your amazing memories with your much loved and missed best friend.

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