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Penny's Memorial
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Penny's memorial was created on 11/8/2013.
My sister & I were getting ready to move out on our own; who will keep Mom company when we’re gone? The only solution was a DOG! Mom wanted a cocker spaniel: one that would come up to her. We found a breeder who had a litter ready to go; so mom sat down on the grass and soon this sweet little peach fluff-ball with two inch legs came romping over and wanted up, so mom cuddled her up and she went to sleep. "This is the one" mom said. She was the runt of her litter and utterly adorable. Although small in size, she was never short on love. Little did we know she would be an attitude-driven spitfire who kept us all on our toes for year to come.

Penny was the name we all chose for her; as she was a "pretty penny", warm and shiny, and cost-wise too! Her loving personality drew everyone to her. She would snuggle with us and was the go-go dog; whenever mom grabbed her keys, Penny knew they were going for a ride. When we were missing something (hairbrushes, socks, slippers) and they would eventually show up in odd places, we knew "Penny did it!" "Mine" was her attitude for our stuff and for us. She loved us as much as we loved and cared for her. She was our four-legged “little sister" who had curly hair just like us.

Over the next 14 years, Penny was friend, companion and youngest daughter of my mom. Penny & mom were "One"; wherever mom went Penny went. They played hide & seek and Penny could find her anywhere: in the bathroom, the closet, outside or on her bed. If a door was closed, there was a little black nose sniffing under it looking for her mommy. Constant and unconditional love is what she gave. Some animals come into our lives because they need a good home; but Penny was what made our home full again, with laughter and love! We love you Penny, Forever in Our Hearts!

Cheri S.

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