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Charlie's Memorial
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Charlie's memorial was created on 9/26/2013.
The year was 2000, the year of the Millennium. Charlie was born under my bed. He was happy, strong of heart, and brought much joy to my life.

One day when Charlie was about six weeks old I could not find him, I looked everywhere,he seemed to simply have vanished. The tears were flowing freely and I was truly panicked.

There had been the biggest Chicken Hawk hanging around and I had visions of Charlie being carried off. For hours I wandered the neighborhood, crying, calling his name. I was even looking up into all of the surrounding trees, because by now, I was quite certain, that he had become dinner. Then, about four hours later, out of nowhere, Charlie came merrily bouncing into the room. He had simply been sleeping somewhere and appeared to be asking what all the fuss was about. This was life with Charlie

Throughout Charlie's last few months Doctor Ana Petra Costa took care of both us.
With her guidance and love she challenged the two of us. I simply didn't know I had
the strength to do the things that were going to be required, but Charlie was patient,
and loving, he worked with me. We grew together and Charlie always seemed to be asking what all the fuss was about.

Both Charlie and I were blessed with Ana's special love and fortunate enough to
have a few more quality months together. I am forever thankful. I miss Charlie
terribly, he left his mark on life and will always live on in my heart, and the hearts
of those who knew him.

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