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Lotsee's Memorial
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Lotsee's memorial was created on 12/4/2013.
Hello and much gratitude for your letter of sympathy as well as Dr.Best's donation.
Iam deeply touched and I can find no words to express how much this means to me.
I must tell you about my Lotsee gal. Firstly her name is Cherokee and means "bright child". I owned her Mom, Sage and her Dad, Sam.They are all together now.
Sage lost her first litter. Vet checked and said no puppies were left inside.
Guess what?!?! A few weeks later here comes a black tri female...all by herself!
Sage wasnt sure what to do so I put a large box with a doggy door cut out and put the little pup inside! Sage would come in and nurse the pup but other than that she was a little freaked out by it to say the least. I would carry that pup in my coat and snuggle her and give her the love she needed. She went everywhere with me. I raised her from moments of being born.
We were partners in crime that Lotsee gal and me. She loved riding in my 34' Ford and she loved going fishing and camping with me.
She was my best friend and turns out she earned her name (bright child) after I suffered a brain Injury in 2001.
She was indeed. We spent 16 years together. I will cherish the memories we had. That Lotsee gal and I had been through some stuff and she was always there by myside.
When she was diagnosed with a bad heart valve, I made every single day of the rest of her life the best. We went up into the mountains where it was cooler and easier for her to breathe. I would fish and she would lay in the cool glacier lake and watch me fish.I would talk to her and tell her how much I loved her and what a good girl she was.
Her last day I layed with her and gave her my permission to go. That her job was done. Its difficult enough losing people we love but as pet owners we understand its just as difficult to lose a pet
I miss my Lotsee gal terribly.

So as im sobbing away I just want to say again. ..
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I know all my dogs are in a good place. Im sure my mom is giving them toast again!!!

Brenda B.

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