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Mali's Memorial
Donate in Mali's Name
A donation was made in Mali's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 3/8/2013.
Written by Jessica B., Mali was the pampered 4-legged child of Jessica & Linda B.

I adopted her from the Oregon Humane Society 10 years ago. She was part of an investigation case, she had been living in a plastic airline kennel outside in the summer-when they rescued her she was standing in several inches of feces and urine. It was clear she had been bred repeatedly throughout her life, she was at least 4-5 pounds underweight. There was also another pug from the same case who had puppies. I was an OHS volunteer at the time, and I sent a message to one of the staff that I was interested if any of the puppies became available. I didn't get an answer for a few weeks, so I figured they were all spoken for. Several weeks later, I got an e-mail about Mali. Her initial adoption by another volunteer had fallen through, even though she was a few years old they wanted to know if I wanted to come meet her.

My first impression of her was "OMG she is crazy!" She had just had a bath, was shedding all over me and running around the pet meet room snorting the classic puggie snort and panting. I decided to take a chance and brought her home for a trial weekend. We had two other dogs and I was really worried they wouldn't get along but it was a perfect match all the way around and she settled in quickly.

She and I were very much alike, she was my doggie soul mate. She was funny and silly at times but despite the initial impression, proved to be quite mellow and easy-going. That did not extend to her dinner however, one of the ways we knew she was becoming ill is that she went off her food-that was VERY out of character for her!

I have a tattoo of her face on my calf so she is with me always. I also have a tattoo on my arm that says "Pawprints on my heart" as a tribute to my bond with all the pets I've had-Mali's pawprints will never be filled by another.


We can't say enough good things about Dr. Corbet and the staff at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver, WA. They did everything they could to make her better, and when it was finally time for us to say goodbye, they were so compassionate and caring. We are so thankful that their memorial donation in Mali's name will help other pets to have healthier lives.

Jessica And Linda B.

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