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Buddy's Memorial
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Donations were made in Buddy's memory by Susan J. and Gerri  G.. His memorial was created on 1/29/2013.
This is my best friend Buddy. A Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix He was a stray that had been running for a few weeks, no one claimed him, so he became mine. We went through a full 15 years together,weathering major hurricanes, ice storms, floods and then life changes (mine). He was always there for me unconditionally. Was the best Spooner' in the world and the 'friendliest' protector of me that loved babies and children. If I was sad, he would sit next to me and curl up his lips in a huge smile that would show his teeth, to make me laugh. He would sit in the front seat of my truck, head on dash board or in my lap keeping me company. Both my parents have passed and he was there to take care of them too. From letting my dad, (who could not stand on his own)hold on to him while getting up to resting his head on my moms bed while she lay sleeping battling cancer. Later on in life he got arthritis in his hips and back. He tried to 'hang on' for me but I could see he was declining. The hardest decision in the world was when to let him go and be pain free. I thought to myself that when it happens, it would be snowing and close my my deceased fathers birthday. Well, that day came. It snowed on Monday, Buddy passed on Tuesday and my dad's birthday was Wednesday. Some how I knew. He is laid to rest in our back yard in a sequoia grove, next to our beloved Coal Dog. Funny thing, I heard that if a male dog dies with his dew claws (thumbs) he will come back as a man. Ha. I hope so. I also heard this quote that has turned into my favorite. "Remember, that the foot print of GOD is often a Paw Print". Thank you for letting me share my beloved best friend. I will never forget.

Susie J. Buddy's best friend

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