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Peaches's Memorial
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Peaches's memorial was created on 1/22/2013.
Peaches – a very pretty calico cat who spent 22 happy years with my husband and me. She grew up with a wonderful playmate Digger (male manx) who was her good friend for the first 8 years of her life. I am sorry to say the next cat we brought into our home was never a playmate. She didn’t like Mickey from the first time she saw him. Peaches spent a couple weeks in the bedroom trying to ignore him. He wanted to play but she would have nothing to do with him – ever.

Peaches was an indoor/outdoor cat. She loved to bask in the sun like all cats. She was mostly a healthy cat. She had developed asthma. Initially I treated her with prednisone, but eventually treated her with an inhaler. I had to give her medication by using the Aerokat aerosol chamber (who thought a cat would ever allow that!) She did well with that (most of the time). After a few years of treatment her asthma went away. At round age 19 she lost her hearing. I would still talk to her though – sometimes feeling silly as she couldn’t hear me.

Peaches had her daily rituals. Every night when I arrived home from work, she would meow and run into the living room by the window and wait for me to come and brush her. Afterwards she would join me in the bedroom and lay while I did my exercises. In the morning she would be waiting on the bathroom counter waiting for me to turn on the sink faucet so she could drink water from the spout.

Peaches was such a sweetheart. She never complained. Always would wait patiently. People were amazed that she was 22 years old. Peaches developed kidney disease. We released her from her suffering so she could go to a peaceful place. Now she is with her old playmate. She lived a good life. And we miss her.

Debby A.

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