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Zorro's Memorial
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A donation was made in Zorro's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Burien Veterinary Hospital. His memorial was created on 6/19/2013.
In memory of our dear little friend, George “Zorro” Ferret.
Zorro was born February 26, 2006 and “crossed the bridge" on April 10, 2013. He was a Strong Jumper, a Stealer of Spoons, a Collector of Chess Pieces, and a friend to all. Strong and sturdy as a youngster from the Washington Ferret Rescue and Shelter, where the staff warned me that he could jump all the way to the top of the washing machine—and so he could. A superb athlete, a cheerful and outgoing little soul who battled adrenal cancer at the tender age of two and a half and survived to the age of seven, thanks to Lupron, deslorelin implants, Dr. Maas’s right-adrenal surgery—a very risky operation.
He was a courageous, loving, sweet and sneaky fellow with a delightful grin. He lived life right up until the last minute, which came suddenly and all too soon. We will always love him and miss him and cherish his memory. He is survived by his beloved sister Michaela “Mickey” Ferret and missed by his human family and friends. Play among the stars, sweet boy, and know that you were, are, and always will be very, very much loved. . .
“The love goes on forever.” XOXOXO from Kate, William, Mickey and many, many more
Thank you to Burien Veterinary Hospital for donating to the program

Kate P.

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