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Bebe's Memorial
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Bebe's memorial was created on 6/27/2013.
I adopted Bebe from a friend who had too many cats, and we quickly became the best of friends. My constant companion for over 13 years, she saw me through every life transition from living on my own, to getting my first real job, to meeting and marrying my husband. Every day she would greet me after work with her chirps and meows, earning herself the nickname "Meow Meow". Cautious with strangers, she was ever loving to her humans (and even the dog when she thought no one was looking), getting turbo pets, chest scratches, and "monkey fingers" before bedtime and sleeping nestled under my arm every night, always making sure I never slept past the alarm. She died in my arms of lymphoma two days before her 15th birthday. She was the sweetest and most loving cat I have ever known, I miss her more than I can say.

All our love always Kitn,

Monica, Mike and Jax.

Monica A.

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