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Okie's Memorial
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Okie's memorial was created on 5/7/2013.
I got Okie from the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services (SCRAPS) when she was 2 years old, and when I was 10. She was a beautiful, young, vibrant and energetic Maine Coon Cat. I was in school one day, and my mom decided to pay a visit to the shelter while I was gone. When I got home, she told me that she had adopted a kitty for me, and she would be coming home with us in a couple days. We couldn't take Okie home right away because she had gotten sick while she was being spayed, so SCRAPS wanted to keep her a few extra days, just to make sure she was okay. When they were certain that she was okay, my mom went back down to the shelter and brought her home. I walked into the apartment after school and found Okie hiding under my mom's bed. I eventually coaxed her to come out, and she and I began to bond right away. That moment was the beginning of a beautiful friendship--and an extremely strong bond that only the cat and I fully understood.

Over the next ten years, Okie was by my side through all the ups and the downs of life. She was there for me through everything. The bond that we had was exceedingly special. Her favorite place to sleep was my bed, and so, whenever I was sad, I would pick her up and put her on my bed, and then I would lay down at the head of my bed. Okie, sensing that I was upset, would come over and stand next to me and rub against me and start purring, beckoning me to pet her until I felt better. This usually worked quite well. She was such a great friend to me for 10 years. She was playful and cute. She even allowed me to teach her how to do a cute trick involving standing up on her back legs "saying please" for a kitty treat. She was so sweet and so precious. The day before my birthday, Okie went to be with Jesus, but every day, I am exceedingly thankful for all the time that God gave me with her. She was such a blessing to me, and though I do miss having her here with me, I know that part of her is always with me, and that one day, I will see her again. Okie, my precious baby girl, who was 12 years old when she passed, is now happy and vibrant, young and energetic, and free up in heaven. And that is the way that I shall always picture her: beautiful and strong...the love of my life.

Thank you all so much for everything that you do to help us grieving owners keep the memories of our precious pets alive.

Thank you, and many blessings upon you all,

Courtney S.

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