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Dolly's Memorial
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A donation was made in Dolly's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Mountain Empire Veterinary Service. Her memorial was created on 10/16/2012.
Dolly was found in the middle of the road outside my house eleven and a half years ago. No one even claimed her. My vet thought she was one and a half to two years old at the time. She was the sweetest dog ever. Dolly never chewed or dug up the yard and never did she bark. She was a mother to some of the kitties when they were born on the farm. She was part pyrenees and lab the vet thought. Whatever she was, she was the best darn dog a person could have. Very loving and kind, loved to ride in the car with her wet nose sniffing out the window. Four years ago she had to have emergency surgery and had a tumor on her spleen that ruptured, I never thought she would make it through that surgery, but she did. Two years later I came home to find her with stroke like symptoms. She had what you call vestibular disease, she eventually came out of that as well. She just recently passed on September 5, 2012. She will always be near me and in my heart. I loved her sooo much and miss her too. She was truely one of a kind !

Jo K.

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