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Magga Mae

Magga Mae's Memorial
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A donation was made in Magga Mae's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Mill Creek Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 9/12/2012.
15 years ago we got “Magga Mae” at our local Humane Society. When we first saw her, she was cuddled up to a stuffed toy. She was the only one in the kennels not barking. We fell in love with Magga Mae right then.
Magga Mae had a cough when we got her that wouldn’t go away. By the following Saturday she wasn’t getting better and had stopped eating/drinking. We called the emergency vet line to find a vet. We were introduced to Dr. Acock and Mill Creek Veterinary Clinic. He discovered that she had distemper. He gave us the option to have her put down or let him treat her very aggressively because her prognosis was “between grave and death”. Obviously, we opted for treatment. He phoned us twice to tell us that she may not make it. On Monday, Dr. Acock called to have us come pick her up to go home. It seems that after her near death experience she came back with a vengeance, she was now feeling well enough to “harass the sick dogs”.
Magga Mae was a very good companion and thought that everyone was her friend. She loved to ride in the car, go camping, and she absolutely loved going fishing. When a fish was reeled in, she would run into the water trying to get ahold of it. She loved pawing at them to see them jump. She could smell gravy cooking no matter where she was at home.
Dr. Acock and the staff at Mill Creek Veterinary Clinic are way above the best. They treated Magga Mae as if she was their own. When we knew the end was imminent but couldn’t face the obvious; he counseled us as a close family friend would. We cannot thank him enough for his loving care of her.
We miss her so much. She is now buried in our flower garden in the back yard with her original stuffed toy.

Mike S.

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