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Bentley's Memorial
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A donation was made in Bentley's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Sacajawea Healthcare for Pets. His memorial was created on 5/30/2014.
Bentley (AKA “Big Red”)

Bentley came to us through the SeattleKing Auction. Had wanted to get Conrad a companion for many years and finally did. We paid a substantial donation for him and one of the guys at our table asked if we knew what we wanted to name him. He said he usually named his dogs after cars and he thought this one looked like a “Bentley.” We liked it and so it was. This little ball of cuddly golden fir was a wonderful addition to our family.

Special memories about our Beloved Bentley:

True to his breed, golden retriever, Bentley was “mouthy.” Always like something in his mouth to chew on or carry.

Played ball tirelessly. We’d get tired of throwing it long before he was tired of playing. Finally got a “chuck-it.”

Loved to swim and retrieve balls or sticks. First one in the water every time. Bentley also liked to swim with you. He was fast and could glide across the water, but you had to be sure he allowed you enough space so you could keep swimming too. Also swam after the ducks in the lake a few times, but after we called him off enough he realized they were swimming away and he wouldn’t get them.

Nothing better than a good bone to chew. He would chew endlessly on knuckle bones or rib bones. Sometimes there would be absolutely nothing left when he was done.

Was tough on toys! He tore them apart as fast as I could buy them!

Ate his chow or treats with hardly chewing them, but always took food from your hand gently.

Loved to “fish” with Mark and he’d faithfully stand or sit by the bulkhead with his head down, just watching the water waiting for Mark to bring one in. He always knew if one was truly on the line or if it was just time to cast again. Bentley knew when Mark got his rod and net, to head down to the bulkhead.

But mostly, Big Red was a gentle and loyal friend and filled our lives with joy! We will miss him dearly (and so will his buddy Shadow) and we will remember him each time we look at Mt. Rainier.

Barb W.

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