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Patty Marie

On 11/30/12 at 11:30 am my sweet Patty Marie left this world for beautiful meadows. She didn't always have a easy life but a kind gentleman found her in a shelter and fell in love with her. He brought her home and gave her 1 1/2 wonderful years before he succumbed to cancer. I was blessed to have known him and to become close to Patty Marie at the same time, it just seemed the natural thing to take her home with me and make her part of my family. She was a shy and nervous little girl but she was loving and happy. I loved seeing her get excited and spin in circles and then suddenly stop and then turn and go around in circles the other way. She was so pleased with herself. She was a great comfort to me when my world changed drastically, she was my constant companion and showed me love and affection. I miss her greatly but know she is happy and out of pain now. You see she developed cancer about a year and a half ago, she put up a valiant fight but it became to much finally. I know I will see her again someday and she will show me her doggie condo in the sky.

Until I see you again my sweet girl.

Debra O.

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