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Kayla's Memorial
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Donations were made in Kayla's memory by Kevin C. and Colleen O.. Her memorial was created on 9/10/2012.
Kayla found me when she was 8 months old at the Honolulu Humane Society. When I moved to Seattle 11 years ago, Kayla jumped on the plane and moved with me.

Someone once said to me, "dogs do not expect much from you". I am pretty confident that Kayla did expect a lot from me, but that is what made her Kayla. She loved me very much and stuck by me through my low points in life, never judging me, but loving me unconditionally. When we found out about her cancer, she was so strong for me. She did so well on each treatment and fought as hard as she could. When the time came, I needed to be strong for her. I miss her so much and always will. Her memories will never leave me.

Tricia K.

Comments by: Colleen O
We miss you KK. We remember all the times you escaped the house and Tricia had to get in the car to drive after you, pretending like she was going to take you for a ride in order to capture you. Clarabelle misses you too.

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