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Steve and I first got Murphy, our chocolate lab, when we bought our first house - it was the first dog I ever had. She was mellow, cuddly and calm. So, a year later when we returned from our wedding I thought, "let's get another." When we went to pick her out we met her parents and her dad was the biggest, most muscular lab I have ever seen. The veins were actually sticking out of his massive legs - it was like a lab on steroids! Cina, in the years that followed, would be built the same.

After meeting her parents we sat in the yard and they let all the puppies out. She ran right to me, grabbed my purse with her little sharp puppy teeth and ran as fast as she could away from us. "She's the one. Look at how feisty and fun she is!" We left with my wedding present in the back of the car barking like crazy.

More than one time she has been the center of attention, especially in the hunting arena. As Steve called her one time "a machine." One fall we took her and Murphy to the "Game Show" where you can let your dogs compete in a variety of challenges including an obstacle course. Murphy and I sat on the hay bails (Murphy crying the entire time because we let Cina go and not her) and watched while Steve guided Cina through the obstacle course with just a few hand gestures and commands - no special whistle, no previous training. She beat them all, including dogs who had been trained for years and competed nationally. Needless to say some of those owners were not too happy to beat by this little "city" dog who was a natural.

Cina also had an attitude and Steve would sit back and laugh at "his blonde's." I would yell at her and she would bark right back at me. We both were so stubborn that I didn't even realize I was fighting with a dog until Steve pointed it out one night between his laughter.

But, with the attitude came a dog who needed to be by people constantly. She was always on your heel and loved to be near anyone. In fact she laid by Steve's side one night when he was dehydrated and very sick. I was in another room sick as well and he tried to get her to go find me and she wouldn't leave his side. She just laid on the floor next to him with her head on his chest.

Cina we will miss you and while the house will be a little less chaotic with you gone it will never be the same.

Family of Cina K.

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