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Rolo's Memorial
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Donations were made in Rolo's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Valley Veterinary Hospital and Miwa T.. His memorial was created on 3/28/2014.
Our dear friend Rolo

The story started with a single ad:
“Twelve puppies for sale and they’re all pretty rad!”
So Mom and me went,
Twas a happy event,
Cause we came home with a young dog lad.

Our new furry friend was caramel brown,
Small and endearing and fun all around,
Rolo was his name,
No dog was the same,
His cuteness was always the talk of the town.

As a young puppy he was cheerful and strong,
No soccer ball in our house ever lasted that long,
He whined in his crate,
So we slept by his side till late,
At Marymoor we went through many a Kong.

Rolo could not help but win heart after heart,
He had looks and personality and was ridiculously smart,
Even Hana eased up,
And learned to love this pup,
He was one of the family from the very start.

He always made friends in the dog parks,
Each time we entered we became deaf from his barks,
He would jump in the lake,
Then drench us with shake after shake,
Our clothes would be splattered with stick marks.

He was guest of honor on every camping trip,
Always claiming the spot in the van’s front strip,
If you did not foresee
The SQUs in the tree,
Him and Harvey would be on their way as you did a flip.

When we were bundled in coats, he loved being outside,
We freezed our butts off as he trotted in stride,
Luckily he was huggable,
And was warm and so snuggable,
We cuddled with him and on his heat we relied!

Our dear friend Rolo we will always love,
A sweeter dog is hard to dream of,
A true companion he was,
Inspiring joy to all of us,
Now he is chasing sticks with friends in the endless dog park up above.

Jeanine T.

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