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Boolie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Boolie's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Riverview Animal Clinic. His memorial was created on 7/12/2012.
We thank Doctors Meyers, Eggert, & Ponozzo at Riverview Animal Clinic in Clarkston, WA for the wonderful care they, and Dr. Tammy Grubb, DVM, Professor at WSU School of Vet Medicine, provided to our beloved Boolie.
It is nearly impossible to write about Boolie and the many people our little Boolie helped in his life time. Boolie, a little guy born May 16, 2002 in Seguin, Texas, worked with me in Louisiana and Idaho, as a Certified Therapy Dog. We moved to Idaho (my name was Janet Z. at the time), where Boolie and I worked in the Mental Health Department at a Clinic in Kamiah, Idaho. I was told Pet Therapy was new to the area and the local newspaper was coming to do an article about me. Turns out not to be true. The Headlines in the newspaper the next day were not about "Dr. Z." but about "Dr. BOOLIE". Boolie was thrilled, but slightly offended by being described as a "chubby" Chihuahua.
Boolie had compassion for everyone. He made no exceptions. Were Angels to be found on earth, Boolie was one. He actually suffered a painful back injury at the hands of a violent patient, and was unable to tolerate oral pain meds due to a sensitive stomach. Dr. Grubb (another diminutive Texan with a huge heart) came to Boolie's rescue with acupuncture. Boolie got the relief he needed and enjoyed life until his last few weeks on earth.
Boolie died on May 2, 2012 a mere three months after his best friend, Mr. Gorski (age 16 yrs.) passed away. Mr. Gorski is also memorialized on this site because of the love and generosity of his doctors. Boolie and Mr. Gorski are once again together. The loss for our family, and for the many doctors, patients, and friends who cherished Dr. Boolie is great. But the love he gave lives on. Boolie leaves behind a large family, including Clarence, Angel 2nd Class, who has not yet earned his wings. But Boolie would be proud of Clarence (named after the wingless Angel 2nd Class, Clarence, in the film classic, It's A Wonderful Life), because Clarence learned a lot from Boolie and is doing a great job. The photo is taken of the front page of the Clearwater Progress Newspaper in November 2004. Rest In Peace, Dr. Boolie. Job well done!

Janet And Albert P.

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