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Rebecca's Memorial
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Rebecca's memorial was created on 7/2/2012.
There are so many things to say about my lovely Rebecca that I truly do not know where to begin.

While in college, my cousin (and roommate at the time) convinced me to visit our local shelter and from the moment I saw her, I knew she was the right fit for me. The beginning of our relationship wasn't really a "rocky" one, but Becca was definitely a bit leery of me and she made it quite clear that she favored my cousin's company over mine. As time passed, our friendship grew and then, one day, as simple as the flick of a light switch, she became mine with all her heart and all her soul.

Those early years were filled with so much joy getting to know Rebecca. Wherever I went, she was by my side. Rarely did I even go to class or church without Becca accompanying me - waiting patiently in my little Subaru while I tended to the boring details of everyday life - and if ever she was left home for more than a few hours, my faithful mother would stop by to keep her company, spoil her with cheetos, and sew her tattered toys. And when the weekends came, Becca always reminded me that it was time to go visit Mom and Dad on the ranch!

Rebecca was insanely smart. It always brings a smile to my face remembering the day my cousin and I discovered that Becca (not a ghost) was the culprit opening up all the doors in the house. You couldn't even take a shower without her effortlessly twisting the doorknob and slinking into the bathroom, ready great you when you pulled the curtain back! Rebecca was always obedient, even if it meant begrudgingly jumping into the tub for a wash simply because she was told to do so. Rebecca was skinny. From day one she was thinner than necessary (a fact my dad often pointed out) and no matter what, she never would gain those "recommended five pounds". Rebecca was fast and she LOVED to run (which likely contributed to the aforementioned skinniness). She could run for hours and keep pace with the best of them - in fact, she loved to run so much, that we would often go on angst-filled "dog hunts" trying to locate the renegade! Rebecca was protective, stubborn for some folks (especially where my brother was concerned), and occasionally snobbish to others. Rebecca was so many things and the truth is, she may not have been perfect for everyone, but in my eyes, she was beautiful, she was loyal, and she was without fault. Becca was my soulmate, and I loved her.

As the years passed, Becca traveled and moved all over with me. She was my companion through some really dreary years, and I was blessed to have her by my side. In November of 2010 I moved across the country to New York City and Rebecca came along, just as she had always done before. After a few weeks however, it became clear that Becca really did not enjoy the big city life and I couldn't, in all honesty, blame her. Who would want to forfeit clear Idaho skies and fields full of pheasants for polluted streets and sewer rats? So when we went home for our next visit, Rebecca stayed behind with my parents and spent her days working on the ranch with my dad and planting flowers in the yard with mom. This part of Rebecca's life, was her heaven on earth.

When Becca got sick, my parents were amazing. They took such wonderful care of my baby and I will never be able to accurately express how grateful I am to them. Our veterinary family was equally great, and I am so thankful that we had a team of people who really understood and appreciated the love we had for Rebecca.

I still think of Becca everyday, and some days, she is the only thing that encompasses my mind. I cannot relay how hard it was to let her is one of the greatest pains I have ever endured. Seven years together was not nearly long enough. It's true that the sadness I feel at times is almost unbearable but I choose to focus on all the happy memories, joy, and love she gave us.

A wild rose now grows on Rebecca's grave, and I know it's God's way of telling us that our beautiful Becca is happy, pain-free, and waiting for us in heaven. We will always love you Becca Lou. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives, you are missed dearly.

Jessica W.

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