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Bear's Memorial
Donate in Bear's Name
A donation was made in Bear's memory by Doctors and Staff of the North Creek Pet Hospital. His memorial was created on 2/3/2014.
Bear was our beloved chihuahua we have had since he was about 2 inches long! He was the runt of the litter and roughed up all the other siblings even when they were just a few weeks old.
Hence the name :)
Even at almost 13 years old he loved to run and play and sniff out any crumbs left on the floor!
He was hurt tragically on Jan 13, 2014, and we are gratefull to the staff at North Creek Pet Hospital for their compassion for us and Bear in his final moments.
This all came as a terrible shock and we will miss him with all our hearts.
It is just not the same without him jumping up at the door to greet us and snuggling at our feet all night in bed!!
He was a faithful little companion all his life, loyal and loving always.

Teena B.

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