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Buster's Memorial
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Donations were made in Buster's memory by Paula K. and Paula K. and Paula K. and Paula K. and Paula K.. His memorial was created on 3/4/2013.
Buster was born on September 23, 1997. I had him for 15 years, 5 months. I would describe his younger years as, well, challenging. The breeder told us that he would be difficult. The dog obedience trainer told me the first night of class that, “I don’t think I can help you with this one,” and every mailman cringed as they approached our house for delivery. Yes, I found out early that my high spirited doggie had his own agenda in life; his own way of doing things. You could tell him, “No!” over and over and it didn’t matter what you said. He was going to do it HIS way.
As the years went by, he became a loyal companion for my aging parents. They loved him dearly and spoiled him severely. Buster became particularly protective of my mother during this time. He’d lay by her side for hours allowing her to stroke him gently on his chest as he kissed her hand. When both my parents passed, Buster became my dog again. It was just us two now and we helped each other deal with the loneliness.
The last three years of his life is when he really became my beloved “Boo.” I’d come home from work not to an empty house, but an old buddy who wanted just a swift pet on the head before being fed. Even though age had slowed him down, he still wanted to go and be with me wherever I roamed. We traveled, we tented, and explored together. He also became best buddies with my friend’s dog and we had many doggie adventures together. In the summer we would travel to my friend’s farm and it was there he saw his first deer. He literally jumped out of his skin at the sight and made a mad dash back to the safe quarters of the cabin, letting out a not so confident bark as he fled safely inside. What can you expect from a city dog?
His final months of life say it all about this incredible spirited dog. He could hardly walk, yet he wanted to still go on his little walks with his buddy. He’d fall, but he’d immediately rock himself back upright. But soon, his independence and determination began to fade. He started waiting for me to come and help him up before he’d try on his own. Finally, one day I came home and found him in the living room where he had fallen. I went to him and tried to help him up, but he just laid his head to the side and didn’t make any effort at all. That high spirit was gone. That desire to keep going had left and I couldn’t bear to see him be that way. I had him gently put to sleep on February 28, 2013.
In conclusion, Buster made sure to leave this world as he lived it. We were in the waiting room visiting with my Boo. I had brought 15 little heart treats to give him and he gently accepted each one from my hand and gulped them down. When the doctor came in, he turned his head towards her and let out a growl. I cradled his head in my arms and told him I loved him and he passed so peacefully away. I know that he is with my parents, probably terrorizing Doggie Heaven now; But, I’m at peace knowing there’s no more pain in his tired old bones. He can romp and roam and do as he pleases without an ache or fall to slow him down. I know Buster truly loved me, and I him. We wouldn’t give back one minute of the time we shared together, both good and bad. For every minute, there is memory, and I can assure you that my beloved Boo made every minute count.

Forever Buster's Mom

Comments by: Paula K
Love ya Boo!

Comments by: Paula K
Think of you often , my boy.

Comments by: Paula K
Miss ya Boo.

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