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Scamp's Memorial
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A donation was made in Scamp's memory by Dr. Stacey H.. Her memorial was created on 12/23/2012.
Scamp was born July 15, 1994 and first came into our lives 10 weeks later a few days after moving to Oregon as part of our westward migration in the pursuit of our education. Right from the start Scamp was the alpha cat and 100% calico, complete with “Cattitude” a term first explained to us by several veterinary assistants as a way to accurately describe the behavior and attitude of calico cats. As a kitten she partnered up with one of our two older male cats, Mannheim, and together they controlled the other older male cat, Oscar. Throughout her life, all of our cats knew Scamp was top cat, and were careful to tiptoe around her. It was always funny to watch their reaction when she would uncharacteristically show affection to one of them. Barry and I knew that feeling firsthand from an old habit where we would stick out our chin to Scamp, never knowing if she would lick it or bite it. Her favorite toys were the plastic rings below the cap on plastic gallon containers of milk, and straws. Scamp was also a great hunter, and frequently left offerings on our doorstep that alternated between mice, voles, snakes and straws – frequently with drink cup lids attached. Scamp lived with us every place we lived in Oregon (5), and into the first home we’ve ever owned, here in Idaho, where her spirit will always remain with us and we will never forget her.

Scamp lived to be 18 ½ years old thanks to the wonderful care given by Dr. Dan Brown at the Moscow Animal Clinic, and Dr. Stacey Holz at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. And we would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Holz for the thoughtful and generous gift of this memorial.

Barry And Ann-Marie B.

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