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Diamond's Memorial
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A donation was made in Diamond's memory by Doctors and Staff of Fairwood Animal Hospital . Her memorial was created on 5/18/2013.
I know many people that cannot understand the loss of your best friend who is a dog, but to me, Diamond was much more than a dog. She taught me how to love. She was the first thing in my life that I unconditionally loved other than my family and I would have given my life for her. I literally would have jumped in front of a bullet for Diamond, and she would have done the same for me.

I am touched to hear the different ways that she blessed others even with a brief encounter. Diamond was a fighter since day one. Even after battling Lupus, an autoimmune disease that caused anemia, several attacks to porcupines while defending her back yard, a broken paw, and ultimately a rare nasal tumor.

Dr. Ben Heart at Fairwood Animal Hospital sent us to WSU. Upon the first diagnosis at WSU, Diamond was given four months to live. Then we made a call to Dr. Fidel at WSU who got her on a study which led to me having two years extra with my best friend that eventually passed away when she was 14 years, one month, and three days old. I will love you Diamond forever and for always, no matter what. One day we will be reunited together in Heaven.

The doctors that treated her are not just vets, they are friends. Some vets seem to be only in their field for the money while I have been blessed with finding passionate and loyal vets that truly care about the animals. Thank you very much Dr. Heart, Dr. Roberts, and Dr. Fidel your heroic actions have greatly impacted me and I have nothing but love and respect for each one of you. God Bless.

Rest In Peace, Diamond.

Diamond & The Patterson Family

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