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Stinkbug's Memorial
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Stinkbug's memorial was created on 8/13/2013.
Stinkbug, a lilac-headed amazon parrot, literally flew into our lives on May 18, 1990. A neighbor's dog was stalking him, so I ran outside and scooped him up. He bit me! !
Long story short, no one ever claimed him, so he quickly became a part of our family. He wasn't hand-tamed and never really learned how to play with toys, but he always had to be where we were and eating dinner with us. If you got your fingers too close to his beak, he would bite hard, but he loved toes! He would gently chew and preen your toes--too funny!
We are thankful for the 23 years that we had with him and for all the adventures and joy that he brought into our lives. He was a very special bird and we miss him very much.

Julie G.

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