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Danko's Memorial
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A donation was made in Danko's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital. His memorial was created on 6/12/2013.
Danko (aka Bubba aka Muck Muck aka Chumba).
We moved across the country to Washington in fall 2005. Danko came into our lives in April 2006 at the age of 2 ½. Danko was supposed to be a guard dog for me during my husband’s deployment – but while he looked intimidating due to his size, his heart and personality were soft, kind and innocent. So we bought a security system instead. After my husband deployed, Danko pouted like the two year old he was for months and refused to even come sit by me. But over time, Danko became my truest, best, and my only constant companion during that 14 months. He was my lifeline. He gave me “hugs” every day, and made me believe everything would be OK. And it was. He wasn’t anything we expected, but he was everything that we needed and then some. He brought nothing but joy and happiness to our lives.
Danko loved: pancakes with syrup, Safeway white sheet cake, being lazy, giving hugs, chasing the Frisbee, playing with the tug or sleeve, running on Cannon Beach, hiking, tall grass, scratching his back on tall shrubs, sleeping on top of all the bed pillows (regardless of whether you were also using them), anyone that wanted to pet him, taunting our other shepherd, and pretending he couldn’t hear you if he didn’t like what you were saying.
For the last few years, Danko suffered from severe protein losing enteropathy and IBD, and he slowly lost both weight and his interest in food. One day, his liver stopped functioning correctly and we brought him in to the emergency vet clinic. He stayed there for three days on IV supplementation. On the third day, we brought him pancakes with syrup and for the first time in his life, he refused to eat them. Although it broke our hearts, he told us it was time.
We would like to thank Elliott Bay Animal Hospital for its donation on Danko’s behalf and Drs. Crow and Wyle for the excellent care they provided him. We would also like to thank Dr. Peterson at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center in Lynnwood for being so attentive to Danko’s internal medical issues, for researching and trying all available medications, and for her expertise and professionalism in managing Danko’s care. Finally, we would like to thank Dr. Forbes at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center for his kindness and compassion toward Danko and us when it was time to say good bye.
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