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My precious, precious best friend and companion, Grover, died on January 4, 2014. We discovered him in the Best Friends magazine while we were at our winter residence on the southern california desert. He was "newly adoptable after years of working through social difficulties caused by living in an abusive home. When i saw his photograph, it was immediate! His eves spoke to me and i knew he was the one!!!He had staff notoriety as a fence-jumper, and was a regular Houdini in that respect.
He had star-status when we met him! he was very well known by everyone at Best Friends Animal Sanctury in Knab, Utah. He had had trial homes and foster homes, and over-nighters. His photograph and story of his life are in the book, Dogtown - put out by Best Friends. He had lived there for seven years when we adopted his wonderful self. He took me on some wild romps chasing cats - one of which resulted in a fractured shoulder for me - he pulled me down the street, across a neighbor's yard and under a parked car before he stopped. (i was terrified for the cat!) Another time, we were running down a ditch at 40 mph chasing a raccoon. (I was wearing a dress and clogs at the time!) Very funny! (afterwards.)
He never made any demands, he just wanted so badly to please. He was my "therapy" dog, and i was his "therapy" person. he was always watching me and couldn't rest unless he was where i was. He had so many cute traits, and behaviors, and habits - and he had a very definite routine. He was such a great sport and had an amazing sense of humor. All of my moments had him at the center. I miss him SO much. When it was his time, he relaxed and accepted it. I visualize him in every room, and on every walk p and so miss his charming mannerisms. His very special and wonderful dr. made his passing a grace-filled occasion. Grover was so brave. We had a mutually depending, trusting, and loving association between person and animal. Who adopted who?

Patricia L.

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