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Jethro's Memorial
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Jethro's memorial was created on 9/14/2012.
This is a picture of my Jethro just a few weeks before his death. Jethro was a working wheelchair service dog in the early part of his life. He retired early, and had a cherished and honored place in my home for the last few years of his life, and was my very special companion and friend. I barely have a memory of the last 10 years that does not include him in some very profound way.

During his working life, he was able to retrieve dozens of items by name, could remove shoes and socks by request, and was able to open doors (including the refrigerator door) with straps attached, was able to take an item out of the refrigerator that had been selected by laser pointer, and set that item on the kitchen table. After his active service dog career ended, he continued to make therapy dog visits with me at health care facilities. He brought lots of smiles and made friends wherever he went. He made me laugh every day of his life.

It is a wonderful legacy for a dog who gave me and this world so much.

Diane E.

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