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Abby's Memorial
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A donation was made in Abby's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Queen Anne Animal Clinic. Her memorial was created on 3/6/2014.
Abby Blueberry
March 2000-January 2014

Each year of her life, Abby joined us at the beach house in Seaview, Washington where, with absolute joy, she could run free. Through the dunes, along miles of uninterrupted sandy beach and into the lapping ocean waves. Her Portuguese Water Dog spirit was thoroughly unleashed, her underbite "smile" in full force. The only thing that seemed to trump her beach independence, or anything else for that matter, was any opportunity to be right by our sides. On that note, sleeping with us on our beds was Abby's top pick. Throughout the night, she would roam around the house to spend time with each of us. She never played favorites. She was the epitome of an undemanding soul with the mission in life to ensure our best welfare; to be whatever we wanted or needed her to be for us. Our clown, patient wearer of holiday garb, playmate, obedient student, gardening helper, jubilant and clever gift opener, school pick-up pal for pre-school through high school senior year, morning news-watching buddy on the couch, gentle grief counselor whenever things got tough, snuggler extraordinaire. Abby was the 4-legged physical manifestation of joy and unconditional love. Madeleine and Dylan called her their "little sister". She was like my third child. We loved her more than we ever thought possible.

Thank you, Abby, for teaching us so much and enriching our lives as only you could. We'll see you on the other side someday.

Till then -- xxoo,

Sharon, Dylan and Madeleine

Sharon, Dylan & Madeleine

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