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Ballistar's Memorial
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A donation was made in Ballistar's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Queen Anne Animal Clinic. His memorial was created on 4/16/2012.

A gift was made to the Pet Memorial Program by Queen Anne Animal Clinic in memory of our beloved French Bulldog named Ballistar. Thank you so much for the invitation to post the following story.

We will never forget the day that you came into our lives on December 20, 2005. You were only six months old and terrified. We certainly didn't help matters by giving you the first bath you have ever had in your life. You were too scared to eat and cried most of the night despite our efforts to comfort you.

We took you to the vet a couple of days later and were told that you had a litany of health issues including demodectic mange and a heart murmur. The mange was curable, the murmur was not. The breeder told us to send you back and he'd give us another dog. But, in the few short days that you were with us, you worked your way into our hearts. We would have never given you up nor would we give up on you.

You brought such joy to our lives over the next six years with your unconditional love and absolute enjoyment of simple pleasures like walking through the different neighborhoods, making new friends (dogs and human) everywhere, cuddling beside us whenever you needed "mommy" or "daddy" love, and more. During this time, you had a variety of health issues, like a bad back, eye and paw infections, but nothing to do with your heart murmur -- we made sure to keep on top of that with your annual cardiology check-ups.

So, who would have guessed that on St. Patrick's Day we would receive a call from your beloved pet nanny telling us that you were dead? We had just arrived in Arizona the night before for our first vacation in years. We flew back home within a couple of hours of the call so that we could see you one last time -- our beautiful little baby dog. We know that your pet nanny did all that she could to save you, but your heart just gave out.

We are comforted in part knowing that your last hours were happy hours. But even knowing this and being able to see you, we simply cannot believe that you are gone. When the tears and the pain of losing you subside, we will begin to remember how lucky we were to have had you in our lives and how you made us much better people. Thank you, Ballistar, for letting us be your "mommy" and "daddy".

Paul And Doris E.

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