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Isis's Memorial
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Isis's memorial was created on 11/6/2012.
We adopted Isis as a rescue cat. From the first moment that my daughter held her she purred nonstop and couldn't be held enough. Everyone that entered our house or yard was treated with loving attention from Isis. Her gentle nature won over everyone including people who may not have necessarily been cat people. I frequently referred to her as a people person because of this. My daughter called her Baby Girl.

In the past few years of Isis' life we lived on the desert which she loved and we called her out desert cat as her coloring blended in so well with the sagebrush. She made swift work of clearing our garage and yard of mice and even snuck in the house with a live one once.

We will miss her charming and gentle nature.
Lisa, Patty, Mark, Aaron, Melissa and Kaitlyn

Patty D.

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