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Princess's Memorial
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A donation was made in Princess's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Redwood Animal Hospital. Her memorial was created on 1/27/2014.
Princess, our sweet tortoiseshell kitty, adopted us many years ago...a neighbor's cat who came to stay no matter how many times we took her back to her house. We think she was about 21 years old when she died on November 13, 2013 - a loving, cuddly, geriatric "dog-cat." She followed us around like a dog, jumped up off her cushion to greet her human dad every night when he would come home from work (in anticipation of the vigorous "scritching" she would receive from him) , spent as much time as possible in our laps, and would occasionally let out a huge meow heard on the other side of the house if she thought she deserved a little more attention at the
moment. She was afraid of leaves, of the wind, of bird shadows, of her
prey (she once ran terrified from a vole that had tumbled out of its hillside burrow in front of her). She ran in her sleep, melted into the floor and drooled when she got a neck massage, and seemed to understand the idea of a litter box, but could never quite remember to get her back end into the box at the right time. Princess never bit, never scratched, always purred. We miss her.

Nicole, Bruce & Caya

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