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Rosie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Rosie's memory by The Doctors and Staff of the Ewing Animal Hospital. Her memorial was created on 8/17/2009.
Rosie: Born-April 2004,

Our wonderful black and white Springer was taken from us on Saturday night, August 1, 2009. I could tell she was ready to pass away, and so did Scott.

Rosie was fiercely loyal. I loved her because of her love for our family.

We went to pick her up as a six-week-old puppy on the outskirts of Mountain Home. When Scott saw the conditions of their home, he just wanted to keep on driving (and did; I had to get him to turn around). Thus, we likely saved her life, given the poor family she was with. Although I was partial to the runt of the litter, the boys liked Rosie because she immediately ambled over to them in the horse trailer. Michael chose the name “Rosie” in advance, after looking down at his placemat (it had roses on it).

Rosie became a “satellite dog” shortly after arriving at our home. Her hip became swollen, and I took her to the veterinarian in Eagle. It was found that she had worms and ear mites, in addition to the cheat grass in her hip.

Rosie was always looking for a hand to pet her. She loved to have her chin and front paws massaged.

She was not the brightest dog, but she was pretty smart. She knew not to rush the door. Somehow she had the intellect to know when it was O.K. to go outside.

She was Scott’s special walking buddy. He said he would always miss her furry mug. Rosie loved me, but she especially loved Scott. He loved to watch her snorkle in the ponds in our neighborhood. She also loved to “carry” her leash in her mouth the first ¼ mile of the walk. It was a little annoying when she wouldn’t let other dogs or people near her.

I loved how Rosie would spin circles when she was excited. The boys loved to have her chase them around the kitchen, and she loved it as well.

Her fierce loyalty, along with genetics in acquiring hemolytic anemia, probably led to her ultimate demise. She became very stressed when we left her alone at night outside.

I miss her terribly and Susan L. and Susan Z. will miss her as well.
Rosie wasn’t a show dog, (we loved her longish body, nose, and freckles), but just the same, to us she was our show dog.

Scott & Kathy B.

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