Welcome to MDR1Caddie™, THE source for drug dose modification recommendations for dogs and cats with the MDR1 mutation

NOTE: MDR1Caddie™ offers clinical pharmacology consulting on an individual patient/scenario basis taking into account patient factors:
CLASS 1: Normal, active, healthy patient with no underlying disease.
CLASS 2: Mild systemic disease. Neonate or geriatric.
CLASS 3: Moderate systemic disease such as anemia, moderate dehydration, fever, or cardiac disease.
CLASS 4: Severe, systemic, life-threatening disease such as severe dehydration, shock, uremia, toxemia,
high fever, uncompensated cardiovascular disease, uncompensated diabetes, pulmonary disease, emaciation.
CLASS 5: Patients with poor short term prognosis due to advanced heart, kidney, liver or endocrine disease; profound shock, severe trauma, pulmonary embolus, terminal malignancy.